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Charge your ev wherever life takes you

Infrastructure Free
On-Demand EV charging

Kolbev offers an on-demand charging service that makes all aspects of EV charging seamless, safe, reliable and convenient.

Cutting-edge Technology

Kolbev cutting-edge technology, enable a scalable and flexible charging solution.

Customized EV charging solutions

Kolbev’s turnkey customized EV charging solutions ensure reliable, accessible charging at reduced total cost of ownership.


Upgrade your company's fleet to electric vehicles with ease by opting for Kolbev convenient, on-demand charging service.

Charge at work

Charge your company vehicles at work, at employees homes, and on the go, without the need for costly upfront investments.

Allow your employees to charge their EVs

  • The Kolbev app enables fast and easy fulfillment of your employee’s EV charging requests.
  • Our patent pending robotic mobile charging station will recharge your company EV with renewable energy.
Kolbev Makes It Easy for You

On-demand EV Charging Service to Fit Your Company Needs

Turnkey robotic mobile charging station with energy storage

Software platform with insights and usage data

Trusted EV driver app

24/7 service and customer support

Kolbev Solution is ideal for many different industries

Market Segments

About Us



Kolbev provides on-demand, autonomous, scalable, and intelligent EV charging system for recharging EVs with renewable energy at any given location within city limits.


Kolbev GmbH offers a disruptive way of infrastructure free, on-demand and on-site renewable energy delivery. We have developed a patent-pending, mobile EV charging system with energy storage that can be delivered to any point in a city.


We want to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and make seamless vehicle charging available for everyone. This will have the positive impact of cleaner, more sustainable cities.


Our strengths:

  • talented, passionate, and experienced scholars in the automotive industry
  • dedicated to improve the environment
  • mutual respect gained while working together
  • adapt when needed
For A brighter tomorrow

Environment & Health

  • Electric vehicles reduce carbon dioxide and harmful particle emissions
  • Switching to electric cars has a positive impact on air quality and even small improvements in it have long term health benefits
  • Electric cars have a positive impact on air quality resulting in long-term health benefits
  • Kolbev is working on Sustainable Development Goals #7 and #11, and when feasible, we also participate in other SDGs
Collaborating to Create Lasting Impact

Partnership & Support