Green Electric Vehicle Charging. All Set.
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We deliver renewable energy directly to your EV in cities:

For electric vehicles parked in front of apartment building, flats, townhouses etc. Without the need for infrastructure investment.

Public Parking Areas

For electric vehicles parked in front of place you go to like stores, cinema, hairdresser, restaurant etc. Whenever and wherever you need.

Private Parking Areas

For electric vehicles parked privately (e.g. at home or at work)

About us

Kolbev is a stealth mode startup, established to provide consumers our planet's environmentally friendly energy and make it universally accessible and useful.

Studies estimate that the total number of vehicles worldwide could be close to 2 billion by 2040.

This means that in order to keep carbon emissions leveled with today’s total, the average fleet fuel efficiency would have to double. Furthermore, it is also crucial to cut the average carbon emissions by 80 percent if we aim to stabilize the impact of climate change.

A solution devised by Kolbev

To achieve this goal, it would require a major part of the global vehicle fleet to use propulsion with significantly lower wells-to-wheels carbon footprint. Currently achieving those targets are challenging, but the situation will change soon. By providing a new method for electric vehicle (EV) charging.

Kolbev propose a patent pending systems, and methods for worry free charging. Whenever you are going to do your thing and your EV is parked, just request charging on the app and have your EV recharged. During the whole time your vehicle is parked, charging will continue. The EV will be ready when you are ready to drive off, recharged with renewable energy. Effortless and hassle-free. Go wherever, whenever, don’t worry about charging, we will do it for you!


A multidisciplinary team of PhDs and industrial experts created and patented a solution for EV charging problem and will soon introduce it to the market.

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